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  • Sant Pere-Santa Caterina: another Gothic labyrinth

    Published on 22nd May 2017

    The western part of Sant Pere -Santa Caterina and La Ribera is less crowded than the sector that presides over the church of Santa María del Mar and the Cultural Center of El Born. But it preserves the same layout of streets and alleys that are cut, appear and disappear in a place where even the most expert can be lost. At its extreme west was the Rec Comtal, which can be guessed by the erratic…

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  • What´s are the NIE and how to obtain

    Published on 20th May 2017

    Spanish NIE numbers: Why you need one, and how to get one in or outside of Spain?     If you own property in Spain, or live here as a resident, you are going to need a N.I.E. number. This section explains what a NIE number is, why you need one, and how to get one, either in or outside of Spain.     Spanish NIE Number Guide   This guide is about Spanish NIE number for the purpose…

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  • Barceloneta: where traditional and modern coexist

    Published on 17th May 2017

    When in 1714 Felipe V ordered the construction of the military citadel, the northern sector of La Ribera de Barcelona was shot down and hundreds of people were left homeless. With the conception of a military barrack, a new neighborhood was designed on land reclaimed from the sea, next to the old maritime jetty built in the 13th century. Thus created a triangle that advances towards the sea, that…

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  • Ciutat Vella: where Barcelona was born

    Published on 13th March 2017

    Ciutat Vella: where Barcelona was born Its layout of Minoan labyrinth preserves the history of Barcelona. The Ciutat Vella (Old Town) is the smallest district of the city and the most densely populated. It is subdivided into four neighborhoods: the Gothic, the Raval, La Ribera (or Born) and Barceloneta, each with its characteristics: the Gothic treasures the monumental buildings and is the mecca of…

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  • Raval: different, alternative and multicultural

    Published on 13th March 2017

    Raval: different, alternative and multicultural It is striking how after crossing the Ramblas, Barcelona strikes a turn that surprises the visitor. He knows that he is still in the Ciutat Vella, because he will discover various palaces and buildings that have come since the Middle Ages, such as the old hospital complex Sant Pau and its Gothic courtyard with orange trees, the Convent of Buen Suceso…

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  • The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona: here everything started

    Published on 13th March 2017

    If one is located in the middle of the Plaza Sant Jaume, between the Palace of the Generalitat and the City Hall of Barcelona, ​​it will be in the middle of the old Roman square of arms, the top of the small Mount Táber that gave origin to the colony of Barcino , Seed of the future Barcelona. Although there were settlements Layetanos in Montjuic and other nearby mountains, this neighborhood…

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Sant Pere-Santa Caterina:…

The western part of Sant Pere -Santa Caterina and La Ribera is less crowded than the sector that presides over the church of Santa…

What´s are the NIE…

Spanish NIE numbers: Why you need one, and how to get one in or outside of Spain?     If you own property in Spain, or live…

Barceloneta: where traditional…

When in 1714 Felipe V ordered the construction of the military citadel, the northern sector of La Ribera de Barcelona was shot down…

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We offer remortgage and equity release if your customers require funds from its current property in their home country in UK, Denmark, Norway, France and Sweden in order to buy a new one.

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We pay you a gross commission of 0.85%, for those customers introduced by you that complete a mortgage to buy a Property in Spain.

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Mr Stubbs, CFA Independent Investment Consultant

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Financing a property in Portugal is a long and detailed process, no

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matter what anybody tells you. FN's knowledge and professionalism Excellent, professional service from FN to help me purchase my Spanishwas the major factor that allowed me to secure the level of finance I

property. Co-ordination with local banks, introduction to leading FX needed to purchase my preferred property in the Algarve. His brokers all conducted very efficiently. Good communication with me at allplanning skills and ability to turn around issues quickly was hugely

stages. Mortgage terms and FX deposit transfer rates both outstanding (have checked and best / very close to best in market place). Being independent and charging me a flat fee critical, in my view - incentivised to find me the best deal, rather than being incentivised to go with whichever bank may have offered largest commission etc. Overall, very pleased and found FN a pleasure to deal with over the last couple of months.

Mr Allan – Vice President of Operations (ASIAN) – Pan Pacific Hotels Group

FN was a great help in our financing for a property purchase. They were extremely professional, communication was fast and efficient and they met our tight deadline perfectly. It was a complicated mortgage application with us living in another country other than our home country, and purchasing a property in Spain. They kept us constantly up to date with the status of the financing application and ensured that we had all the necessary paperwork correct. Would certainly recommend and work with FN again in the future for property purchases.

impressive. He also managed to keep me calm and focussed when difficult issues arose.
I have no hesitation in recommending FN very strongly for financial advice and action when there is a need to secure finance for an overseas property purchase.

Mr Gourlay – Chief Executive Officer at Nexus People Group

FN supported us through the entire process during our recent acquisition of property in Spain, their knowledge of the process was immense and when we came across unexpected pitfalls they solved them in a professional and efficient manner, and secured a really good deal for us from the lending bank. I would recommend FN to anyone looking to obtain a mortgage in Spain.

Financial North® is:

Regulated, being supervised and audited by Spanish regulators Flexible, we can tailor our processes and reports as required Experienced, over than 1,000 mortgages completed by our team Independent, with no conflict of interest